Some Convicting Words from Marv Knox

With the battles that scarred Southern Baptist life during the last quarter of the 20th century still lingering in many minds, it is encouraging to see one of the “big guns” for either side show that the wounds, albeit ever so slowly, are healing. Marv Knox recently authored an editorial in “The Baptist Standard” that reminds us how easy it is to demonize someone who theologically disagrees with you, though they have the same end in mind: to glorify Christ and to reach the ends of the earth with his message. His call for Baptists of all stripes to pray for those whom we disagree with cut straight to my heart and reminded me that the moderates need prayer just as much as the conservatives. Here is a piece of that article:

With that in mind, it’s time for all these Baptists to take the next step on the spiritual pilgrimage we all—ironically—share.

Why don’t we start praying for each other?

What if the Southern Baptist Convention set aside time in its meeting to pray for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship? And what if the CBF stopped to pray for the SBC? What if the Baptist General Convention of Texas prayed for the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention and vice-versa?

We’re not inclined to “get back together,” and it probably wouldn’t be wise.

But, Lord knows, we all could use some prayer.