My Letter to the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee

I sent this letter to the Executive Committee today in light of the Prestonwood Baptist Church, CP and ERLC controversy.

Dear Members of the Executive Committee,

The recent action on the part of Prestonwood Baptist Church (PBC) and other churches to withhold their Cooperative Program giving is extremely distressing and disturbing. Dr. Russell Moore has done a great job at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission in leading Southern Baptists to pursue racial reconciliation, to uphold the necessity of strong and moral character and behavior in our public leaders, and to keep the Gospel central in all we do. The action of PBC and other churches seems like little more than extortion in order to force the Executive Committee and the Convention to bend to their will. This is not any different than a church member withholding his giving in order to force a pastor to do what the church member wants; in both situations, the action is borne out of pettiness and a need for control.

As a committed Southern Baptist pastor, I wholeheartedly support Dr. Moore and the work of the ERLC under his leadership. He and his staff have helped and will continue to help to give Southern Baptists a positive witness to the watching world. I ask you, the members of the Committee, to do two things:

  1. To public support and affirm Dr. Moore and his leadership of the ERLC;
  2. To not seat any messengers from churches that refuse to support the work of the Convention by not giving to the Cooperative Program.

I thank you for your time and you will be in my prayers.

In Christ,

Gradon Schaub

Pastor, Duffau Baptist Church


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