My name is Gradon Schaub.

I am husband to Courtney and father to Lily, Gwenny, and Henry.

The Lord has blessed me with two wonderful jobs: pastoring The Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Seguin, TX and teaching high school history, government and economics at a local Christian school.

Why this blog? Writing is something I thoroughly enjoy and many times I have found that I just need to get a thought down on paper (or the computer screen) so it will leave me alone! That is what this blog is: my thoughts on the Bible and anything and everything else.

Why the title “Ancient Words”? The Bible, which are the Ancient Words, are determinative for my life and bring me much joy and comfort, while also stinging me with my shortcomings. So the title is a reference to Holy Scripture, my interests in history and literature, as well as an homage to the song which also bears this name. The lyrics to the song can be found here.

All opinions expressed on  gradonschaub.wordpress.com are my own, and should not be necessarily interpreted as representing any of these organizations that I work for.


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