Spurgeon’s Sorrows

spurgeons-sorrowsDepression is like walking through pudding. Or at least that is the way I describe it. You are surrounded by things which should be sweet and desirable, like chocolate pudding, or even better, banana pudding. But there is no sweetness. There is no desire. There is only an unending slog through the sweetness without being able to partake of the sweetness yourself. In fact, the sweetness slows you down and hinders you just as if you were walking through a pool of pudding. Continue reading “Spurgeon’s Sorrows”


Book Review: Zeal without Burnout

Zeal without Burnout, written by Christopher Ash, is a small book about an important subject: burnout in ministry. In the book, Ash seeks to provide clarification and counsel for pastors who are either burning out or on the track to burning out. The first three chapters provide the author’s own background on the subject and his rationale for writing the book. The meat of the book is found in section entitled “Seven Keys” in which Ash presents seven insights into avoiding burnout or recovering from burnout. Continue reading “Book Review: Zeal without Burnout”